Happy Holidays!

Mango Coat, Zara Jeans, Charlotte Russe Wedge Sneaks, Vintage Plaid Scarf, Urban Outfitters Beanie

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  We had such a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends keeping warm over a bonfire while enjoying the view of a beautiful lake and then coming back to their house for a few days of amazing food, wine, and soaking in all that we have to be thankful for this year.  I've never felt so truly blessed for my family since it was the first time we've all been together for the Christmas holiday in a few years.  We had a blast together cooking, joking, and somehow managing to eat our Christmas Eve dinner before nine o'clock this year.  Now we're off for a week of skiing with good friends in Colorado!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well!


Barney's Sale

The most provocative email landed in my inbox this morning--from Barney's..  Announcing further sale reductions..  So at lunchtime, you can guess what I was perusing.  I may or may not have jumped on that Proenza Schouler sweater...  Below are a few other favorite goodies I've had my eyes on this fall.  



Wedge Sneaks

Mango Military Coat; Zara coated denim; Charlotte Russe wedge sneaks; Prada tote; Scarf and beanie unknown; Husband's plaid shirt

A few weeks ago while I was in NYC, my girlfriends and I debated on the wedge sneaker trend--Should we jump on board?  Or is this another fad?  My friend Annie compared them to the skinny jean trend that everyone thought would last one season.  Ha, here we are today.  I backed it up by saying every designer under the sun is coming out with their version or a knockoff of someone else's version.  Barney's can't keep the Isabel Marant ones in stock.  The sales associate said there was a wait list for the Spring version coming out in a few weeks.  The debate went on and home we went after all three of us convinced ourselves that we needed a pair.  I opted for the super cheap version from Charlotte Russe and was very glad I did when someone got a little too lush and spilt red wine down the front of them.  My husband commented on what a market research experiment we would be, talking each other into a pair of shoes that neither of us were relatively interested in until we all decided we had to have them.  Funny girls, we are.

Shop it:


It's beginning...

...to look a lot like Christmas!  Since we're delving deeper into our remodel this week, we're foregoing the tree trimming and Christmas lighting ceremonies, and to be TOTALLY honest, I'm not really missing it.  Putting all that crap up is a pain in the ass.  It is such a joy to trim our 12' tree that weI had to have because the 9' tree would be too small.  I love stabbing my fingers to death with those stupid fish hooks while poking in all that wire mesh which is wrapped around my legs and through the ladder.  And dropping the precious glass ornaments while balancing ten feet in the air trying to reach the top (in heels because why do it the easy way and wear house slippers??) and then stepping on tiny shards of glass that didn't get vacuumed up a week later.  My husband absolutely CAN'T WAIT to haul our 100lb topiaries out of the attic and down two flights of stairs only to haul them back up there two weeks later.  It's a total blast and we both look forward to it every year.

But I will miss polishing off a bottle of champagne and sharing a laugh (and a spontaneous dance party to Celine Dion's Christmas CD) with the mister in the process.  There's always next year.  In the meantime, I'm getting in the spirit through these images--enjoy! 





New In

While in Aspen, I stopped by my favorite store, Max, and found this amaaaaazing Etoile by Isabel Marant tweed jacket.  I had just been in New York where I tried on the Rag & Bone version, Iro version, and a different Etoile by IM.  After trying them on and confirming my size, I knew I was going to wait until one of them went on sale before making my anticipated strike.  Lo and behold, the one above was on sale (jackpot) and in my size (double jackpot) and I liked it better than the other three.  I plan to wear it like this:


Stocking Stuffers

Le husband knows there is nothing I love more in my stocking than receiving new beauty products--be it nail polish, lip gloss, a holiday palette, or anything by Tom Ford, I'm a very happy girl.  So I thought I'd post a few of my favorite holiday collections and other makeup goodies just in case he decides to surprise me again this year (hint hint).  While I'm at it, let me gush a little bit about how much I LOVE Tom Ford's lipstick, lip lacquer, and eye shadows.  It may even be a slight obsession, considering that I've collected ten lipsticks to date..  I know it's not cheap by any stretch, but it wears so well, it's very pigmented, and floats on like a dream making the application process easy enough for amateurs like me to put it on.  It's worth skipping a manicure (or two) for, I promise!